Thursday, March 19, 2009

Custom handmade john deere tractor wooden wall art

This fretwork John Deer tractor cutting is handmade on a scroll saw(no laser or cnc machine is ever used in my work). the cutting is 8"X10" and is backed with construction paper. It come in a 8"x10" frame(frame may differ from picture and i do not use glass in the frames).
I have been using a scroll saw for over 20 years (started when i was 12).
After transferring the pattern to the wood.. Holes are drilled and the pattern is cut out with my scroll saw. Basically it is a stencil, one piece of wood with voids cut into it. It is a laborious and time consuming process but I feel that it is worth it for the outcome. Because it’s hand made everyone is unique.
If you do not like the 8"x10" frame I would suggest matting and framing this cutting in a 11"x14" frame behind glass, if you want a more elegant look.
you can find a 11"x14" frame at wal-mart for around $10. It is not offered it in the larger frame because I want to keep the shipping costs down and would hate for you to get a package full of broken glass. any questions? feel free to ask

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