Monday, October 19, 2009

dream wooden sign

this dream wooden sign is made from 2 layers reclaimed wood that i found in my house. The paint is original showing wear and cracks and loss.(because of the unknown age of the original paint it is sealed it with polyurethane.)

This is made from reclaimed cedar siding. being siding it is triangle shaped. I flipped the upper layer.. so the letters are slanted the opposite direction so will be square when hung. confused? me too.. look at the pictures.

the backing board has dents, scratches. paint int the voids.
It's beautiful, no faux finish..not distressed. It's Just the way i found it. Perfect.

It Measures 17 3/3" long x 5 14"
the backing board is for the same piece of wood and has paint on the back. Sawtooth hanger on the back.ready to hang.

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